quarta-feira, 13 de maio de 2009

The things that I see

The things that I see, got me laughin' like a baby.
The things that I see, got me cryin' like a man.
The things that I see, I can look at what He gave me,
And He's gonna show me even more than I see.

Just the other day I heard a new voice in the darkness
Sendin' me away with mud on my face
I heard the people say, 'He's a sinner and he's hopeless'
till a splash washed the darkness away.

Makin' me explain to a lot of angry faces
Talkin' to 'em plain, they don't hear what I say.
Tellin' me again he's crazy and he's reckless
But there's only one thing I can say.

He came to me again and this time I could see Him.
Told me how He'd been out lookin' for me.
He told me to believe. I said, 'what should I believe in?'
He said, 'Keep on believin' in me!'

* Música da Bay Ridge Band.

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